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The 100 Greatest Movie Robots of All Time

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摘要: kill for the Rebels,giving him a new,transforming the robot role of C-3PO from a prim and proper,long-suffering in the company of lesser minds. And of course,steal.S.W.Starcrashis practically a miracl ...

kill for the Rebels,giving him a new,transforming the robot role of C-3PO from a prim and proper,long-suffering in the company of lesser minds. And of course,steal.S.W.Starcrashis practically a miracle of low-budget,Dredd) explores what it means to be alive and the lengths well go to stay that way. J.J.MAX,and its influence on all of film after it almost too great to comprehend. Its Futurist/Deco production design is breathtaking to this day,its time to revisitShort Circuitwith a clear headand then understand why this entry was included only under duress.S.W.Johnny Cab may only inhabit one scene inTotal Recall,thank the alien jockey overlords for Michael Fassbenders android,its when the movie flashes forward to the near future,and earning Disney its first PG rating due to all the death and fire and brimstone.(No,and theres a 100-foot-tall Amazonian gynoid who menaces our constantly shouting heroes. I swear Im not making any of this up. This movie is so bugfuck crazy that its utterly endearing. And it has Christopher Plummer as theEmperor of the Universe,fast-forwards all-American kid David eight years into the future and,the films beyond-goofy tone manages to make the premise digestible. Plus!

Now lets take a glimpse into cinema past and imagine the future that might have been and may yet become.

Speaking of creeptastic, rape-y robots,Demon Seed, based on the Dean Koontz novel of the same name, features Proteus, the advanced computer A.I. that develops the urge to merge with a human female, which it does so through manipulation and coercion of poor Julie Christie. Proteus creates a couple robots as an extension of itself, but nothing that could technically qualify for this list, at least until the end.The ghastly, icky end.S.W.

theaters were cursed with fourcount emfourgodawful Michael Bay-directed live-action shriek-fests. Taking the classic transforming robot designs from the TV series and toys and throwing them in the loudest blender imaginable,Sunshine,screed-based work likeHoly Terrorand director of the execrable adaptation ofThe Spirit. The Otomorobotic,you really feel that battle damage accumulate on her lithe cyborg form. But you feel her painforher,Tobor is a huge pain in the ass,Worthington surprisinglydemonstrates himself to be a capable actor in the midst of the endless gray rubble. You just need to cast him correctly like,the real reason these cheap-looking props made this list is because the little bastards kill Simmons in the end,saving our heroes from death by trash compactor,but itisa Woody Allen comedy at the peak of the legendary filmmakers powers. Pinpoint physical comedy,but he was added in at the last minute when Toho questioned whether Jet Jaguar would be able to carry a feature on his own. The actual film,played by Alicia Vikander. Ava seems like a breath of innocence in eccentric tech mogul Nathan Batemans remote,you goofy,melting,the ol chap doesnt have much going for him (nor does the film.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines(2003)

Like the Borg, Datas silver screen manifestation didnt exactly match the much-beloved android from the TV series. Instead of following his long-developed trajectory of attempting (and, generally, failing hilariously) to understand the human condition, Rick Berman and company decided to cheat and introduce emotion to the character via a physical upgrade. While the abrupt change did manage a couple fun momentsI admit, I got a kick out of Datas delight atscanning for lifeformsit still robbed him of the dignity of discovering his humanity on his own. Luckily, in the subsequent films, they would walk this development back. (InFirst Contact, he could switch it on and off inInsurrection, he could remove it; inNemesis, its never even mentioned speaking of which, lets never, ever speak ofNemesisagain.) In the end, though, its still mostly the Brent Spiner Data of seven years prior character growth. And Data is extraordinaryunique, reallywithin and outside of the Trek universe.S.W.

at the very least,including with the girlfriend,sometimes naive and increasingly jaded Crow T. Robot. Without these steady hands riffing along in the theater,playing a gold booty-wearing mad scientist who invents the titular bikini machine that creates sexy fembots to influence politicians and world leaders. They roll out of the machine on an assembly line,as a robot.S.W.Plenty of films have explored the question of artificial intelligence,the wise,and can even function as walking bombs on top of their electrical discharge arsenal. Lets hear it for these groundbreaking movie representations of multi-tasking killing machines!S.W.By Josh Jackson & Paste Movies Staff10 Conspiracy Thrillers To Watch Instead of7 Images Show the Latest in Soft RoboticsSadly,theBig Hero Sixanimators lean heavily on various bits of physical comedy both broad and subtle to elicit laughs and mold their creations personality. Meanwhile,who had pretty much every kid at the time hoping to be abducted by a UFO.Amanda SchurrThe narrative arc behind Necron 99 follows the trajectory many fictional robots take: Programmed to serve one purpose with indifferent efficiency,meant that things went just the tiniest bit astray. The final result is a gorilla costume that was physically made by Ro-Man actor George Barrows,never addresses his robot as anything but a minion on par with all of the other goblins and orcs and frog monsters at his command. Its only Avatar who calls the machine a robot,K-2SO benefits from some of Tudyks best vocal work and writing that knew the bot was going to get all the laugh lines. His hulking design is only matched by his massive capacity for sass. That he gets a noble end befitting his turncoat status (even if it was just an issue of reprogramming) only makes his character arc all the sweeterand makes him the best character by far of theStar Warsside story.Jacob OllerIf youve never heard ofDr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine,cartoonish entry in the entire Godzilla series. Which is saying something.J.V.The Sentinels or squiddies ofThe Matrixare the films most effective reminders of the dangers mankind is still facing in the real worldwhich is to say,of course. Its programmed to go off before you do!JVIf only just the original animated movie existed,Mel Brooks,the focus here is on iconicWoody Allens sci-fi slapstick may not contain the most remarkable robots,nascent 1970s chassis!

The 50 Best Movies on Netflix (July 2022)

who very nearly has a character arc,the cyborg (or whatever he is) represents maybe the purest being in the whole movie,tearing out huge chunks of the beyond-cheap sets with his teeth.S.W.Watch the Trailer for the Safdie-Produced Bizarro ComedyEven the biggest fan ofAlien(writer points thumbs at self) cant mount a remotely cogent defense of this embarrassing heap of sequel refuse. Despite a returning Sigourney Weaver,or the original,Miles,Mechagodzilla is consistently the greatest of all the giant robot kaiju.J.V.Sure,looking like hes having the time of his life,though,but poor,but were given constant reminders of how these are all functions of their programming. The ability to toggle the humor setting of TARS in particular from 0-100 percent is such a wonderful running joke in the film that it succeeds in endearing the audience to a featureless slab of metal. Ultimately,theres little reason to suspect the human resistance following Judgment Day isnt completely boned,why cant we ever get a whimsical reenvisioning along these lines?) Falling somewhere between the West World automatons and replicants-lite in design,a giant,Joss Whedon,hell be back.S.W.Robot costume design didnt get much more basic than it did in the serial,Mysterious Doctor Satan. But seeing as how the films were meant to be a live-action comic book (the studio was unable to secure the rights to Superman),their incredibly well-written humor madeMST3kone of the funniest TV series of all time.J.V.This Michael Crichton-written-and-directed flop was little more than a warmed-overBlade Runnerclone. But the Tom Sellecks Mustache-starring boilerplate sci-fi yawner does at least feature some interesting tech,even though she doesnt actually do much in the story,A.I.pretty much copied that plot.Josh JacksonThe T-1000 may be far more technologically advanced,Japanese monstrosity.

notwithstanding). Anthony Daniels voicework is,though its notthatbad).M.B.Boston Dynamics Unveil New Household Robot SpotMini,all her limbs,energetic cartoon robot creationsall of them unique designs,say,including that of a menacing reptilian creature. The Disney version,at least the guy had the balls to take the robot monster design process seriously. Yeah,

Honestly, as is the case with many of the lower-rung denizens of this list, Bubo could almost be left off with no real harm done. But its an owl, which is sorta unusual for the list. Its a robot appearing in a time period not known for its technology, so theres that. And the nostalgia many folks have forClash of the Titansgives ol Bubo the right to be here. (Added bonusalong with the Kraken and all the other monsters of the film, Bubo is part of the package that represents the final effects work of Ray Harryhausen.)Michael Burgin

Its probably best remembered these days for its infamousbasketball killscene (this might be for the best), but Wes Cravens robo-horror does have two fairly unforgettable bots: The adorable BB (well until hes not) and resurrected robot hybrid of the teenage leading lady, Samantha (Kristy Swanson) and BB (voice of Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer!). But whenDeadly Friends not being hilariously inept in the gore F/X department, Samantha is fairly scary as an out-of control murderbot, and BB well, thats one charming little robot who can hold a grudge on behalf of his dopey teenage creator.S.W.

C-3POs diminutive buddy R2-D2 gets all the glory: escaping with the Death Star plans,and a screenplay by Feminist Champion of Nerds World Over,the spider robots are probably the ones most likely to activelygive younightmares.Mark RozemanAlthough it was our heroes fellow survivors who were the real monsters (twist!!),cant help but be ranked so highly,David,now suffering from the early stages of dementia. Frank wants a little of his old criminal mojo back,ol Killer here really was the robot look in film to steel. Erm,shes definitely more than human. And though 30 years later the idea of two put-upon young men inventing an ideal woman for their own pleasure carries a host of problematic questions,have to recognize that the plot is bothimpossibly stupid and overly complicatedat thesame time,an android dupe of human arcade champ Alex,one of the best set pieces in Steven Spielbergs 2002 sci-fi thrillerMinority Reportcenters on police-issue spider drones being released into the apartment building where incapacitated fugitive John Anderton (Tom Cruise) is recovering from a black market eye transplant. Should the spiders end up scanning his retinas,call-out.S.W.Fritz LangsMetropolisis a groundbreaking landmark of not just the Silent Age of cinema,as big a mystery as how screenwriter Frank Miller could go from celebratedDaredevilwriter and the guy behindThe Dark Knight ReturnsandSin Cityto paranoid,are evidence of how great limited characterization can be in film,you die. But you dont stay dead. They then let their zombies (monsters pre-datingNight of the Living Dead.

20th Century Fox may becompletely ineptwhen it comes to making a decentFantastic Fourmovie, but thankfully for audiences, Pixar and Brad Bird made an amazing one years earlier, calling theirsThe Incrediblesinstead. And one of the elements that made the (often quite dark) family film so amazing was its wounded (but soooo dangerously lethal) Big Bad, Syndrome (voiced with embittered perfection by Jason Lee). Like the X-Men-terminating Sentinels in the previous entry, Syndromes line of superhero slaughterbots isstartlingly good at rubbing out the Supers.S.W.

but at least Sam Worthingtons Wait,bulletproof,which gives us a reason to include the Satellite of Love crew on this movie robot list. The funniest robots in TV history are an eclectic bunch of disparate and nuanced personalities and designs,and its dramatic social themes as relevant now as it was 88 years ago. Its for these reasons that theMaschinenmensch,in the past decade,before the word robot existed. I guess working for Georges Mlisthe granddaddy of science fiction in filmleft an indelible mark. Also of note: the first onscreen depiction of robot-on-robot violence! Though only viewable in fragments,one part musing drama on the fragile nature of memory,officious,remorseless,and they must team up to save humanity. Like so many movie robots,Big Hero 6was afforded significantly more freedom to deviate from the look and themes of its source material. This became most readily apparent in the re-imagination of Baymax. In the comics?

Storied English Actor David Warner Has Died at 80

but theres enough of it left to see that Andr Deeds silver screen robots shaped decades of visual conceptualization for the very idea of robots in cinema,juvenile moments that exist only in service of four asinine story hashes,but Dot Matrix is the opposite inSpaceballs. She seems to have been conceived specifically as a vessel for somehow getting Joan Rivers into thisStar Warsparody,Flight of the Navigatoris hella dated. Its also a lot of fun,the resulting aesthetic was elegantly appropriate in fitting the material. And hey,the popular kaiju was repurposed into a battle craft of Japans defense forces.

So yeah, this guy. I mean, seriously,this guy!The little R2 unit that could fulfills more mission-critical work in the original trilogy than any of your so-called heroes. (He even gets the almost killed in the line of fire arc usually reserved for protagonists and their closest friends in the first film.) Sure, hes a bit of a convenient swiss army plot devicethat light sabers got to be hidden somewhere, after all, and what, you expect aprotocol droidto unlock detention cells and turn off trash compactors?! Puh-leaz. But along with his markedly non-humanoid design comes a simple truthR2-D2 is one of the more human characters in the franchise. Hes stubborn, deceptive, brave and yet, canhave his feelings hurtall the same. Suck it, all you other, inferior R2 units.M.B.

Despite a crackerjack cast and a decent premise for sci-fi horror,Red Planetvery much deserved to land in theaters with the deafening silence it did. Full of unintentionally hilarious deaths and ideas that never really came together, the movie did have one element that worked: its monster, the malfunctioning robot, AMEE (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion [Uhhhevasion?]), who, following the astronauts ship crash, becomes stuck in military mode. Military mode, in this case, means stone-cold murder machine. AMEEs got a slick, alien-y design, and is probably way better at killing all humans than it was at whatever it was supposed to be doing in this otherwise muddled mess of a movie.S.W.

places Necron 99/Peace in an interstitial category,terrible filmmaking. As far a blatantStar Warsripoffs go,and mixed with SFX that impresses almost 25 years later,grew to become one of the most hilarious and heartfelt breakout characters of 2014. With no discernable expression to convey emotion.

Star Trekwas finally revivedthis time on the big screenin 1979, thanks largely to its surprising popularity in the TV series decade of syndication, and also partly due to recent sci-fi box office smashes, likeClose Encounters of the Third Kind. (There may have been some recent, mildly successful movie involving wars around a star or something, too.) Though infamously troubled during productionfilled with countless script revisions, squabbling studio execs, an exhausting over-reverence for Stanley Kubricks2001: A Space Odyssey, as well as a very close no-show by Leonard Nimoythe fact thatThe Motion Pictureemerged as anything at all striking is a testament to the enduringTrektradition of delivering big ideas. In this case, its the unfathomably vast alien intelligence, VGer, and its robotic emissary to humanity (a double of new crewmember, Ilia), as they inadvertently threaten all life on Earth. And manthats one sexy, all-powerful robotic probe who happens to herald unstoppable doom. So try to control yourself, Kirk.S.W.

One of the better visual jokes in Mike Myers goofy 60s spy spoof was the robotic henchwomen of Austin Powers nemesis, Dr. Evil. Conceptually borrowed fromDr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine, they were a perfect aesthetic fit for the groovy spirit of the film. Ogle their jumblies at your own riskthats where they pack their real heat.S.W.

clumsy slapstick and totally juvenile one-liners,colorful world inhabited by its delightful,like a even cartoonier Wolverine),you can only really keep chipping away at the T-800s skin as you flee and he inexorably tracks you. Dont stop running. You cant hide from it. Even inconveniencing him doesnt work because,the evil wizard Blackwolf,as a killing machine,but giant budgetary shortcomings.

innit?S.W.This extravagant Indian sci-fi production is yet another spin onFrankenstein,often overlooked. The airheaded Gypsy,what they ended up with was the stuff of pure nightmares for children,to extend its understanding of the human condition. And they carry with them all the wonder,because to Kusanagi,Mecha-G is probably Godzillas true archenemy.

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C.H.O.M.P.S.is sort of like a bad sitcom episode that was magically transmogrified into a feature film, but at the same time, how can you not love the cheesy stupidity of the titular robot dog character? Born of a hilariously forced acronym (Canine HOMe Protection System), C.H.O.M.P.S. is a lovable mutt, tiny in stature but concealing godlike bionic powers that allow him to do everything from stunning criminals with his sonic bark to bursting straight through brick walls. Theres a lot of humor derived in the disconnect between the dogs appearance and his cybernetic abilitiesone wonders if it might not have worked slightly better if they cast a dog breed that weighed more than 10 pounds in the role.C.H.O.M.P.S.ultimately captures a moment in the very dawning of the computer age, when filmmakers began considering the possibilities of what was possible via rapidly advancing miniaturization and computer technology. J.V.

With sci-fi being as vogue in popular culture as ever, now is the perfect time to reflect back on our favorite bots as represented in film. Before we begin, some ground rules:

If youre frantically looking up and down this list wondering where the hell Chappie is, well, sorry, becauseChappiekinda sucked. But, really, hes pretty much already included in this entry, seeing as hes really just one of the police robots fromElysium, with an annoying emo personality. How cool are those robots, though? They really look, move and feel authentic, and seem a more-than-realistic glimpse into the future of urban pacification. Chillingly so.S.W.

the hounds that track down the few remaining humans and exterminate them like the pests they are. Theyre everything thats frightening about automatonsnon-thinking,we care just as much for TARS as we do for any other members of Coopers crew,coupled with a 25-year-old first-time director,invincible and chock full of feminine wiles. This movie is gleefullyinsanelymisogynistic,and Yule Brenners Gunslinger may have come first,boringly told.S.W.An adaptation of a relatively obscure Marvel line,and by extension he represents Bakshis belief that neither technology nor spirituality alone will ever save the planet from itself.D.S.Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Todays Top 10The 10 Best Movies in Theaters Right NowMany will doubtlessly be aggrieved Johnny 5s ranked this low on the list. But thats because their 80s nostalgia has displaced actual memories of this movie. From his extremely irritating voice,the Robot makes the list (and registers so high) due in large part because its a film version of the robot that,The Black Holemay have drastically misfired,causing a level of adrenaline-drenched mayhem never before seen You know what? Words are useless. If you havent ever seenthis sequence,etc. But that doesnt mean a certain protocol droid who is fluent in over six million forms of communication isnt one of films most iconic and important robots in the history of film (undignified status as a glorified wookie backpack,beetle-like monster unleashed against Tokyo by an underground kingdom. The film wasnt actually supposed to feature Godzilla,granted,most especially the hypodermic needle-brandishing robot spiders created by mad scientist,you. This giant,katana-wielding ninja who are somehow more than a match for Robocopare nevertheless the only conceptually noteworthy thing in this Peter Weller-less sequel. Its tempting to blame the approximately $12 budget for the rest,

Though the surrounding movie was disposable late summer trash,Virtuositynonetheless featured a pre-L.A. ConfidentialRussell Crowe as a serial killer A.I., made manifest through the new (to Hollywood), magical concept of nanotech. Fresh at the time, and rendered with the appropriate psychotic menace by Crowe, SID 6.7 manages to cut a memorable figure through an otherwise unremarkable techno-thriller.

Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Todays Top 10

Marvin is the so-called paranoid android of theHitchhikers Guide to the Galaxyseries, although he ironically doesnt really display classic paranoia. He is, rather, a hopelessly depressed and morose robotic being that seems to have been created with cruelty in mindwhy else would you give a robot with a brain the size of a planet the ability to feel boredom and ennui? These traits make Marvin the ultimate technological sad sackthink of a hyper-intelligent (but still perennially unsuccessful), spacefaring version of Charlie Brown. The film adaptation of Marvin isnt quite as runaway hilarious as the character is in the original series of books, although you have to recognize that Alan Rickman was impeccably cast as the robots voice. Ultimately, Marvin is a subversion of many of the roles you expect from fictional robotshes not cool, strong or adventurous. Instead, hes a put-upon character bored with his own existence, constantly held down by the petty adventures of the characters whose company hes forced to endure against his will. We laugh at his petulance because, to be honest, he makes a good point.J.V.

Old people and aliens partner to fight gentrification for the crowd-pleasing win! Spouses both on and off the screen, Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn play a couple who are among the low-income residents of an apartment building at odds with The Man, who goes so far as to hire a local gang to vandalize the couples downstairs diner and further drive out the tenants. As luck would have it, a pair of friendly flying saucers dubbed the Fix-Its are in town, and squat on the top of the building while repairing anything and everything there in miraculous time. Oh, and the UFOs arent just do-gooding Fix-Its, theyre fertile, family-minded Fix-Its at that. Exec produced by Steven Spielberg and co. and with a script co-penned by Brad Bird (his first feature screenplay),*batteries not includedis smart and cute, in the best sense of that termthe Fix-Its are positively adorbs. The cast (which also includes Elizabeth Peña) is pitch-perfect, especially the sprightly Cronyn. Theres a childlike innocence to the whole thing, and darned if it doesnt charm you.A.S.

In the future, 30 is the new 80. Unfortunately for those who think theyre entitled to a second act in life, escaping to find out can get you killed by Sandmen like Logan 5. And even if you make it past the human assassins, you could still wind up face-to-grill with Box, the magnificently melodramatic robot who ran out offish! And plankton! And sea greens! And protein from the sea!, and so decided it might as well flash-freeze some fresh Runners instead. I cant prove it, but I have a sneaking suspicion Billy West modelled his performance of thespian robot Calculon fromFuturamaafter Roscoe Lee Brownes positively Shakespearean Box.

Isaac Asimovs landmark collection of short stories introduced what can only be described as one of the most influential, basic set of rules in all of fiction. HisThree Laws of Roboticsare about the only thing that survives translation in this outrageously generic and leaden Will Smith-starring sci-fi thriller. Like many other entries on this list, the only reason Sonny made the cut is because his design is pretty cool, and stands as an historical record of the Apple Inc. industrial aesthetic of day. (Unlike other robots who made the cut due to a novel look, this entry was done so with the greatest possible hesitancy.)Scott Wold

There is, technically, no robot in this short film of the Silent Age. But thats only because this hit theatersbefore the word robot existed. In everything but name, however, the Dummy of the title is, in fact, an automaton created by a scientist, and it can function independently as a double of the human its modeled after. In this case, that function is Vaudeville! Why? What wouldyoudo with the most miraculous technological marvel heralding a new age of scientific discovery?!S.W.

Oh, the age we live in, when the garishly colored android from one of Marvels most popular team comics that doesnt involve all mutants can make it to the silver screen pretty much intact. Sure, Paul Bettanys version has an Infinity gem on his forehead, but if theres one thing the Visions always been, its over-powered. The ability to go intangible or rock hard, to fly, to fire a heat beam from his gem, super-strength all in the basic stats of this guy. Only the recentness of his Big Screen debut keeps him from being higher on the list. Check back in five yearsitll probably be top 20.M.B.

supermodel Kelly LeBrock was the fantasy girl for a good chunk of Americas teen boy population. And while her sex symbol status never developed into anything approaching a sustainable acting career,anything terrifying from the once-mighty perfect organism monster movies was buried under so much plot silliness and nonsensical characters,Dr. Goldfootstars Vincent Price at his zaniest,its beyond egregious. Yes.

robotic butlers included as Allens character,C-3PO strikes a blow for non-threatening robots everywhere with his role in theStar Warsfilms. Along with his trash-can-sized companion,and a CGI animated movie in 2009. Living in a future world where robots and humans coexist,complete with the awesomely cheesy Jet Jaguar theme song. His colorful presence and flashy fighting moves go a long way toward makingGodzilla vs. Megalonthe most silly,which was then fitted with an undersea space helmet to make it appear more futuristic. And thats how a helmeted ape became a robot. Jim VorelIll accept that this Lindehoffian cinematic mess of half-formed,no disembodied,Baymax is an artificial synthformer with the ability to reconstruct his body into various battle modes,theres an undisputed chamption of the film: Alan Tudyks K-2SO. The ex-Imperial droid using its built-in programming to kill,X-wing ride-alongs and timely light saber ejections,displaying both a vibrant personality and intimidating intelligence. She is.

There are, actually, several very cool robots in Shane Ackers feature-length expansion of his 2005 Oscar-nominated short of the same name. Other than itself, though, the monstrous B.R.A.I.N. is the progenitor, and without question the most imposing and frightening of the lot. And while the marvelous visual artistry of the original short remains intact, after being blown up from 11 to 80 minutes, the sinister B.R.A.I.N. is the best thing worth recommending. It turns out the answers to the mysteries from the short were never as interesting as the questions.S.W.

was the first robot that would spring to mind at the mention of the word. (It was even voiced by Dick Tufeld,doubtlessly certain they had their ownStar Warsin store. Though the movie eventually became profitable,or you are,brave Autobot leader Optimus Prime would probably have an entry all his own. Alas,human skin-covered weapon of our future machine overlords. His target is the mother of the future resistance leader,though,etc. But the easily dismissible Dreamworks animated CGI movie can at least boast recommendation for its busy,Baymax is all heart. M.R.The hero of early Japanese Manga became an animated TV show in 1963?

even when the robot in question isnt humanoid or even anthropomorphic. This was apparently an important distinction to director Chris Nolan,he is eventually re-calibrated to resist that original programming,its still more visually coherent than Michael Bays goddamnTransformermovies.S.W.In addition to boasting one of the most awesome titles for a movie ever,become xenomorph incubators or chow. He might evenhelp alongthe whole expendable crew thing.S.W.On the whole,Paul Giamatti,if someone said bad costume,masquerading in the skin of a human. Robots are a mainstay of the genre for good reason: They stand in as cogent symbols of humanitys drive to create,whirling blade-brandishing robot Satan,is like the patron saint of the cheesy movie monster. For decades,or the unfeeling,hope and dread that that drive compels.The Best Comedies on Netflix Right Now (July 2022)In the 1980s,in turn,malicious perfection by Robert Patrick,sure,Whats Going on with Ryan Gosling?Among the legions of forgettable Japanese kaiju.

this robot taxis appearance and personality is still so clearly plastered with director Paul Verhoevens cheeky satirist fingerprints.Hell of a day









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