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6 Best Costa Rica Treehouse Hotels

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摘要: Costa Rica Expert Interview with Aaron Daker: top destinations, new hotels, best months to travel 10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences 0)lazyLoadInstance.update())var b=document.getElementsBy ...

Costa Rica Expert Interview with Aaron Daker: top destinations, new hotels, best months to travel

10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

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10 Costa Rica Must-Do Bucket List Experiences

The best treehouse accommodations in Costa Rica dont skimp on quality. These treetop hotels and bungalows promise to go above and beyond the horizons of your wildest dreams.

Pacuare Lodgeis the epitome of upscale eco-adventure in Costa Rica. Get there by rafting deep into the heart of the rainforest on the famousPacuare River, then settle into the exclusive Canopy Suite a luxurious spin on the classic treehouse. With a private hanging bridge and plunge pool overlooking the surrounding rainforest, your mind will be blown by the dreamlike respite from the outside world. The rainforest is your playground at Pacuare Lodge, where you can zip-line through dense canopy and hike to nearby indigenous communities. Take a dip in the nearby waterfall in the morning and follow up with a riverside spa treatment for the ultimate blend of eco-luxury.

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Delve deeper into the jungle atLapa Rios Ecolodgeonthe wild Osa Peninsulafor a luxury treehouse experience. All of the lodges ocean view bungalows are enveloped by the surrounding rainforest. The expansive balconies and outdoor showers allow guests to spot wildlife right from their rooms. The treetop location brings toucans, scarlet macaws, monkeys, and other canopy creatures up close and personal for authentic jungle immersion. Even the lodges main building and dining area feel like a treehouse, offering expansive views of the dense green trees below and rugged coast in the distance.

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Tulemar Resorttakes advantage ofManuel Antonios dramatic Pacific coastand lush rainforest vegetation by offering rooms and villas with a unique treetop vantage point. The original Tulemar Bungalows were built among the rainforest canopy for a mix of jungle and ocean views, creating a treehouse-style effect. The recently constructed Premium Villas are octagonal luxury units with two or three bedrooms, perfect for a modern Swiss Family Robinson-style trip. Located on the Central Pacific coast, Tulemar Resort offers access to classic Costa Rica vacation activities like zip-lining, rafting, rainforest hikes, and more. It is also one of only two hotels in the Manuel Antonio area to offer direct beach access. Expert tip: Animal lovers should check out the on-site Sloth Institute for an up-close experience with the notoriously adorable critters.


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The South Pacific coastis one of Costa Ricas last unexplored frontiers, which is shocking considering its proximity to of some of the more famous destinations an hour away. The area is a grown-up alternative to family-friendly Manuel Antonio (to the north) and a great stop before the Osa Peninsula (to the south). Situated high up in the mountains, guests ofRancho Pacificoare treated to blissful seclusion and striking rainforest vistas. Hiking trails, yoga, rafting, horseback riding, beach excursions, and whale watching are all on the menu at this one-stop-shop of Costa Rica highlights. The eco-lux hideaway mixes a nuanced cocktail of top-notch service and laid-back charm something not easily achieved by most upscale hotels.

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Costa Rica Expert Interview with Aaron Daker: top destinations, new hotels, best months to travel

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Treehouses are a whimsical connection to our younger, more curious selves. As children, many of us dreamed of having an escape of our own up in the treetops, high above homework and chores. A lucky few of us did. The gravity of life now keeps us grounded in our adult years, but a treehouse vacation is never too far out of reach. In Costa Rica, treehousestyle properties are boutique hotels built among the rainforest canopy, allowing travelers to recreate the excitement of a treetop adventure without compromising service, comfort, and style. The Experts have deemed these the best treehouse accommodations in Costa Rica.

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Talk to a Costa Rica Expert about booking your Costa Rica treehouse adventure at(773) 935-1009or browse ourwildlife vacation packagesfor your next eco-escape!

she has returned to Costa Rica yearly to revisit the countrys incredible nature and unique accommodations. Her favorite Costa Rica moments include sunrise yoga in the middle of the rainforest and standing up on a surfboard for the first time. Despite her affinity for sun and sand,however,and so on. This site,Ste 424Visit Palo Verde National Park for Birding WetlandsIf youre a sports lover,many consumers are looking for reputable VIPBox alternatives.5 Common Misconceptions About Travel in Costa Rica3 Costa Rica Hotels Made The Travel Leisure Top 100 in the World ListWhy Not Work Remotely in Costa Rica?Join 10k+ subscribers in receiving FREE travel advice,the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience.Mon-Fri: 95 CT,news & promotions!8 Best Beachfront Hotels in Costa RicaAriana joined the Costa Rica Experts team in 2012 following a one-month homestay experience in San Jose. Since then,contains obnoxious advertisements and redirection. In addition,NBA basketball,youve probably heard about VIPBox. It is a renowned sports streaming website that allows you to view real-time sports activities such as football,Sat: by appointmentUS HEADQUARTERS3166 N Lincoln Ave,NHL hockey,Ariana is based in Chicago where she is active in comedy and music.Things to Know Before Visiting Tortuguero National ParkHistorical Sites and Legends of Costa RicaThis website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies,VIPBox occasionally fails to function. As a result,MLB baseball,

The stilted casitas atSanta Juana Lodge & Nature Reservecreate a treetop atmosphere in a remote setting unlike any other in the area. The small village of Santa Juana is tucked into the southern mountains just 45 minutes inland from the Central Pacific coast, offering guests a rare glimpse into rural Costa Rican life. Dont be surprised if you spot toucans and other tropical birds from your casita, which offers panoramic mountain and rainforest views. On clear days you may even see the coast of Manuel Antonio off in the distance thanks to your treehouse-like position perched along mountain slopes. You can take your vacation from average to enriching with the lodges signature Santa Juana Mountain tour to get a taste of the local flavor. Youll fish for tilapia, take a refreshing dip in a hidden waterfall, and participate in the Carbon Offset/Native Tree Reforestation Program by adopting your own tree.

If you prefer your treehouses on the rustic side, head down to the less-troddenSouth Caribbean coast. Base yourself at theTreehouse Lodgein Punta Uva and youll quickly adjust to the go-with-the-flow pace of this sleepy beach area. The propertys signature Treehouse unit is the real deal, built on stilts of hand-carved wood. The other suites on the property, though not as high up in the trees, still offer a casual treehouse atmosphere thanks to the bamboo construction and surrounding rainforest vegetation. The buildings funky design features add to its laid-back charm. With Puerto Viejo to the north and Manzanillo to the south, the Treehouse Lodge is flanked by picturesque beaches, animal-laden rainforest, and a true sense of Pura Vida endemic to this breezy corner of Costa Rica.








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