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摘要: After some cutscenes you will fight Letho. 8. The Nekker ContractFlotsam Notice BoardAcquire knowledge of nekkers by killing enough of them or reading the book Nekkers in the Mist. The book can be pur ...

After some cutscenes you will fight Letho.

8. The Nekker Contract[witcher.fandom.com]Flotsam Notice BoardAcquire knowledge of nekkers by killing enough of them or reading the book Nekkers in the Mist. The book can be purchased from Einar Gausel in Flotsam. Then destroy the 4 nekker nests around the swamp south of Flotsam with grapeshot bombs. The bombs formula can be purchased from Cedric and you can use meditation to craft them. In order to destroy the nests you must interact with them. Throwing bombs at the nests will not work.


5. Sword of Kaer Morhen(15-24 damage, 1% instant kill)

Examine the body in the catacombs during With Flickering Heart.Birdman:+10% damage against Harpies


4. Heat and capture the vapors with cold water.

•Endrega embryo- looted from Endregas or Endrega cocoons.

Death Symbolized[witcher.fandom.com]Climb the stairs near the entrance of Vergen and exit to the north. Keep heading into the forest until you reach a crypt. There are a lot of wraiths in here, so be careful. Avoid breaking any walls and head downstairs. Break the wall in the next room using Aard speak withEkhart Henessy[witcher.fandom.com]inside.

4. One on One: Flotsam InnFlotsam InnSpeak to Sheridan in the lower level of the Flotsam Inn to start this quest. After beating the first two you will be approached by King Ziggy who give youFight Club. Defeat the third opponent to complete the quest.

Before talking to Mavrick you should investigate the wraiths story. Head to the graves behind the house and examine Malgets grave. Then use Aard on the barrels next to the house to uncover a trap door. Light the candles in the basement according to Malgets grave (V) and loot the notes to startFrom a Bygone Era. WARNING! The wraiths will not appear if you complete From a Bygone Era before speaking to them.

Earned by killing Aryan La Valette, Adam Pangratt, and Henselt.Exit the tunnels and speak to Zoltan who asks you to help Iorveth. Enter the door on the left and climb the stairs until Roche becomes separated from you. You have 2 choices:

Manfred and his son Sven will have an argument outside of the canteen. Speak to Manfred inside the canteen and convince him to let you help Sven. Now go outside and convince Sven to make the duel a two on two. Challenge Letande Avet in the tent with wanted posters and then return to Sven to begin the fight. It does not matter if Sven survives. After the fight Manfred will give you asquare coin[witcher.fandom.com]which starts the main questConspiracy Theory[witcher.fandom.com].3. Ave Henselt![witcher.fandom.com]Prerequisite:completeThe Butcher of Cidaris[witcher.fandom.com]

Defeat Ves in a knife throwing contest.After the contest some locals will anger Roche and you will have to calm him down. Next you must compete in arm wrestling against two soldiers. If you win then you will obtain a Sword of Creyden (10-13 damage). After the party you will wake up naked on the docks with a tattoo. A local will approach you and tell you to talk to Margot in the brothel. Margot will tell you to speak with Ves to obtain your belongings. You can then speak with Triss, Philippa, or Sle to remove the tattoo.

Found in a chest near the start of this chapter.

Kill the golem in the kingslayers hideout.Talk to the dying assassin to have a flashback which starts the questReturning Memories. Return to Dethmold and he will give you the medallion which completesFaith Symbolized. Speak to him again to begin lifting the curse from the land.

3. Poker Face: Loc Muinne[witcher.fandom.com]The Incredible LockhartGo to the building north of the entrance of Loc Muinne near a group of Nilfgaardian bounty hunters. Speak to the elves playing dice and defeat Filly and Aylaya. Then beat the two mages at the table next to them. Finally, go to the center of Loc Muinne and beat The Incredible Lockhart.

Note:You can speak to Keith on the docks in order to level up a dialogue attribute.

Strategy:Always keep Quen up during this fight. Place the Kayran trap or cast Yrden on the sides of the arena. Then bait the tentacles to attack the traps before chopping them. After 3 tentacles are destroyed you will have a quicktime event. Finally you need to ascend the rubble on the left side before a cutscene plays.

Lilies and Vipers (optional)Talk to Brigida outside of Loc Muinne and follow her into the forest. This startsCrown Witness. You can abandon the quest by leaving in the direction that you came. You will be ambushed by some soldiers down the path. Throw some Red Haze bombs at the swordsmen and kill the archers on the hill first. After the fight you will have multiple paths to choose from. The Nekker cave has aDancer[witcher.fandom.com]and another Deithwen sword. Outside of the cave are 3 Endregas cocoons. Killing these spawns an Endregas queen that will attack the bandits up ahead. The queen also drops pheromones which is needed for the quest An Encrypted Manuscript.

7. From a Bygone Era[witcher.fandom.com]Prerequisite:kept Malgets notes from Chapter 2.

A Sword for Monsters(automatic)Find a silver sword. This may be automatically completed if you already had a silver sword. I recommend buying the robust sword (3). The diagrams require Silver Ore which can be hard to obtain.

Earned by visiting the Winter Shrine near Loc Muinne.Talk to the guards and they will let you enter the city. Then travel to the center of town and talk to Roche. Follow him to talk with King Radovid. Then follow Roche back to the inn and talk to Brigida Papebrock. She will ask you to help her escape the city. If you decline to help her then she will temporarily wait for you at the front gate. Her questline can be skipped.

This item is incompatible with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition. Please see theinstructions pagefor reasons why this item might not work within The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition.

The combat can be a bit awkward since the hit boxes are weird. I beat it on Dark Mode and mostly relied on Quen and Yrden. If youre talking about the Nekker cave (Malena quest) then I would just do that quest later.

Speak with the king in his tent. Then speak with Dethmold and Zyvik to receive some quests. Then explore the camp and complete some side quests. Consider buying the Oathbreakers body armor diagram from Lasota if you are playing on Dark Mode difficulty.

Earned by saving Aryan and freeing him near the end of the Prologue.Executioner:1% chance to instantly kill enemies

Defend King Henselt from the two assassins.The Assassins of KingsAfter defeating one of the assassins you will need to assist Dethmold in a necromancy ritual. Go to the lower camp and talk to Dethmold. Then buy the Gadwall potion formula from the merchant outside of the tent. Craft the potion and use it before talking to Dethmold again. The ritual will make you relive the memories of the dead assassin. Once you are in the dream you should follow the other assassin until you reach a cave. Follow him closely in the cave to avoid traps until you reach Letho. Finally, avoid detection while in the Kaedweni camp until you fight some soldiers.

After obtaining these ingredients you can return to Anezka to start the ritual. Defend her and you will obtainMeliteles Heart[witcher.fandom.com](+1 vitality regeneration while in your inventory). Before starting the ritual you can place Snare traps all over. Then get the Places of Power buffs in the forest and use quick attacks to kill the ghosts.

You will be asked to participate in a tournament immediately after completing The Butcher of Cidaris. Speak to Proximo to fight 4 separate opponents: Gwydion, Rendag, Borin, and Ves. You can take a break after the first 2 fights.

Earned by interrupting Geralt 5 times while disarming a trap.Pyromaniac:20% increased chance to incinerate

You can then loot the Ballista Mechanism Fragment after she distracts the guard.

. If Newboy survives the battle then he will give you a book of knowledge on dragons.

Enter the sewers from a door near the Mighty Numa. Speak to the wisp in front of the door that asks Nigbt?. Then talk to Bras of Ban Ard near the inn about Malgets notes. He will tell you to say the words between Nanna Kanpa and Nanna Zi and then say the words after Nanna Zi in reverse order. Answering the wisp incorrectly causes you to take some damage. Answering correctly opens a portal.

This results in him offering you the talisman and surviving the battle.

Use Quen and Yrden against the weaker Draugir until the larger Drag shows up. Keep Quen up and roll dodge when you are charges at you. Then backstab him until he blocks.

This results in him surviving the battle.

He will teleports you out and you will be unable to return.

The MessengerThis quest will be easier if you completed the Gargoyle Contract. Talk to Aldrich to start the quest. Follow him and then attack the messengers bodyguards. Then kill the mage. He teleports away from you when you get near him. In order to kill him you need to cast Yrden on his teleport spots to stun him. After killing him you can loot his corpse for a note.

Diamond armor reinforcements[witcher.fandom.com]

Speak to Dethmold at the upper part of the camp for his assistance in traversing the fog to Vergen. Dethmold will give you a protective amulet and Ziraels body armor. Zoltan will approach you when you leave the camp and join you on the journey to Vergen. Follow Zoltan as he leads you out of town into the mist. Avoid fighting the wraiths while in the mist. Use your medallion and follow the floating purple skull until you exit the mist. Then follow Zoltan until you are stopped by some elven guards. Keep following Zoltan until you reach Vergen. Talk to the dwarves at the gate and they will tell you where to find the Dun Banner.

Really nice guide, it helped me a lot in repeating witcher 2. Good job

Found north of Iorveths hideout. This is only obtainable later on during the main quest.

Bring the document to Bras of Ben Ard near the inn. He will decypher the document and ask for some ingredients.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Carry Odrin to his mates and then head towards the canteen. Make sure to answer Think Henselt might have a job for me? followed by The king knows what he is doing. This results in Odrin giving you asquare coin[witcher.fandom.com]and tells you to ask for Whistling Wendy at the brothel. This starts the main questConspiracy Theory[witcher.fandom.com].

Indecent ProposalHead to Loredos residence at night. Roche will follow you in and ask you to dismantle the nearby ballista.

Note:If you are overburdened then you can drop items and pick them up later. Dropped items only disappear if you die or reload the game.

Defeat the soldiers and prioritize the weaker enemies first. Wait and heal after the first 3 are dead. Try to fight the remaining enemies one at a time.

Trial by FireFight your way to the gate and hide under the structures to avoid the dragons fire. Once you reach the temple you will startBlood of His Blood. Upon entering the temple the priests will berate you. You can respond to them how you wish. Eventually you will exit the temple and be chased by the dragon again. Run until you make it to the solar.

2. Convince him that you are a former member of the Dun Banner. (*)

thanks this has been such a great help

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Impregnation is an alchemy skill that greatly increases the effects of mutagens (around double). It only gives a bonus to mutagens that are equippedafterleveling it. This means that you should get Impregnation 2 before equipping any Mutagens.

Wait until night and then climb the ladder in the non-human district to enter the garden.

Where is Triss Merigold?[witcher.fandom.com]After you defeat Letho you will be approached by Roche or Iorveth. Return to town and speak with Dandelion at the inn then follow him to Sles room. After you investigate the room you must speak with the elven woman next door. This triggers a flashback with Triss. If you sided with Roche you can optionally head to the brothel in the bottom of the inn to complete the questMargots Disappearance[witcher.fandom.com]. Now return outside and follow the blood trail into the forest until you find Cedric. You can use a Cat potion to make following the trail of blood easier. Dandelion and Zoltan will then approach you and give you two quests.

Thank you. I will give the game another chance with your advice, I currently instant die facing a group of enemies in Chapter 1 and have pretty much given up in the game bc of it, but also I havent made use of any of the relevant items/skill leveling/meditation so maybe I need to figure that out first (I know this is stupid, but I also struggle so much with the keyboard mouse controls).

Loot theSword of Kaer Morhen[witcher.fandom.com]and prepare for the fight with Letho. Activate the places of power in the forest and use potions/oils before approaching Ioveth at the garden. Iorveth will agree to act as a hostage and let you take him to Letho. At the end of the conversation you will have a timed decision.

Give your sword to Iorveth. This results in a riot among the non-humans in the city and the Scoiatael will become friendly.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

Chapter 2Anatomy Lesson:+10% Damage against Humans

Once you leave town Triss will lead you to Cedric in Lobinden. Cedric will tell you to search the shipwreck to the north to learn more about the Kayran. Make sure to buy theDiagram: Kayran trap[witcher.fandom.com]from Cedric before meeting Triss. After fighting some drowners near the shipwreck you can analyze the ooze nearby. Triss will tell you the Kayran is venomous and recommends that you craft aMongoose potion[witcher.fandom.com]to protect yourself. Investigate the wreck to startMystic River[witcher.fandom.com]before leaving.

12. Meliteles HeartLobinden (Anezka)Prerequisite:Obtain the talisman during the Prologue.

Iorveth is located on the bottom right of the map. Saving him rewards you withNaevde Seidhesilver sword (30-34 damage).

4. Robust Witchers Silver Sword diagram(12-18 damage)

13. Troll Trouble[witcher.fandom.com]Flotsam Notice BoardOn the way to the troll you will enter a village being attacked by nekkers. Defending the village and a man will tell you to visit Chorab in Lobinden to learn more about the troll. Chorab will explain that he needs the troll to get back to work. You can kill the troll, convince it to go back to work, or both.

Earned by killing Aryan along with 2 other important characters at the end of Chapter 2.To the Temple![witcher.fandom.com]Search for the secret entrance to the monastery and open the gate for the kings men.

AThree bandits will be waiting for you in town.BIf you saved the villagers inWoe to the Vanquished[witcher.fandom.com]you will rewarded near a gate in town.COne of Thalers agents named Brady will give you a Dragons Dream diagram.DGaspar and Farid will ask Geralt to use a substance (Critical Effects mutagen) and write a journal of the long term effects.EThere are 6 training dummies around the city which will respawn after a few days.Experienced:10% bonus experience

2. Save the notes until Chapter 3 and earn a free respec along with an interesting questline.

Keep going until you reach the dead smuggler. Then speak to Brigida until the mage attacks with more soldiers. After the battle Brigida will give you a document that implicates Kimbolt. Visit Kimbolt in Loc Muinne and discuss the document. He will tell you that its a forgery and the scribe outside can prove it. The scribe can be found drunk in his bed, so you are on your own. Read the scribes notes which state light, quench, sh*t, rinse. His bookshelf has 5 Scribes Notes that you can use for practice. The quest will fail if you incorrectly analyze the document.

2. Magic Wrap armor enhancement diagram

Use a normal web browser and print it. You cant print in the Steam browser.

The Kayran: A Matter of PriceSpeak to the merchant in town and determine the price for killing the Kayran.

Earned by walking into a campfire 5 times.Once you reach Foltest he will give you a spyglass. Aim the spyglass at the two men on the wall for the achievement. Seethis imagefor help. Then follow Foltest until you reach the top of a siege tower.

AttributesPress ENTER while in the skill tree menu to see extra character information. This shows you stats such as health regeneration during combat, hidden perks, and monster knowledge.

Radovids soldiers will escort you out of the camp.

2. Ask him to help defeat the wraiths.(600 XP).

•Arachas eyes- looted from Arachas duringThe Assassin of Kings[witcher.fandom.com]if you choose not follow Iorveth immediately.

Enter the center of Loc Muinne and Burton will challenge you to a fist fight. Defeat him to complete the quest.

The Dungeons of the La Valettes[witcher.fandom.com]You begin in a prison cell. Once you escape you will need to find your way to Aryan or Louisa. Aryan will be the prisoner if you spared him. It is your choice to sneak or fight the guards, but you will get more loot and experience for fighting. After climbing some stairs you will reach an intersection. Straight ahead is a locked door, to the right is a set of stairs, and to the left are some prisoners in cells. There are two paths:

9. A Sackful of Fluff[witcher.fandom.com]Elthons hutPrerequisite:accessible after you have crossed the mist and entered Vergen.

1. Give the notes to Deathmold. (200 orens)

Earned by staying inside Triss bubble until you reach Flotsam. Can also be earned later.

9. The Endrega ContractFlotsam Notice BoardAcquire knowledge of endregas by killing enough of them or reading the book Three Years Among the Endregas. The book can be purchased from Einar Gausel in Flotsam. Now destroy the two nests around the swamp south of Flotsam. Each nest requires you to open 3 cocoons and kill the queen endregas.

Strategy:The fight ends soon after Letho reaches half health. Keep Quen up as much as possible and keep your distance. Letho is invulnerable while he has his own Quen up. Cast Yrden and bait him into it to stun him. Then walk behind him and backstab him for maximum damage.

Make your way into town until you see your friends at the gallows. This startsBy the Gods - Stringing Up Sods. Approach the gallows in the center of town and stop your friends from being hung. EventuallyBernard Loredo[witcher.fandom.com]will free them.

3. Poker Face: FlotsamFlotsam InnBeat Casimir, Bendeck, and Zindrab at dice in the lower level of the inn. Now defeat Einar Gausel the bookseller in the non-human district. Finally, defeat Sendler in Lobinden located east of Flotsam. Sendler will offer you one of 3 trap diagrams or 150 orens. The trap diagrams are worth more than 150 orens and can also be purchased from Cedric.

Speak to Sle in at the inn to travel to the Kayran. Drink the Mongoose potion before heading down to the shore.

2. The Butcher of Cidaris[witcher.fandom.com]Kaedweni canteen (Manfred)Prerequisite:Must be completed beforeConspiracy Theory[witcher.fandom.com].

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition

Diamond armor reinforcements[witcher.fandom.com]

Earned by saving Aryan.After leaving the dungeon you will be approached by Newboy if he survived who will help you by leading some guards away. If he did not survive his corpse can be found near the docks. You can kill him or loot his corpse for a talisman that startsMeliteles Heart[witcher.fandom.com].

Head straight through the locked door and fall down the trap door. This path is harder because you must fight the hangman.

Speak to Vernon Roche after the quest completes and then Zoltan in the inn. Zoltan will then escort you into the forest to meet some Scoiatael. After speaking with them you must head deeper in the forest. You will be forced to fight an Arach before being confronted by Iorveth.WARNING!Do not disrespect or threaten him or you will be killed and miss out on the Arach loot. Tell him about the elven prisoner on the barge and Letho. Do not follow Iorveth immediately or you will miss out on the loot.

Loot the captains key from a skeleton in the shipwreck on the beach to the north of Flotsam. Open a chest in the wreck and loot the journal. Place this journal in the mailbox in Louis Merses home near the gallows. This quest will continue in Chapter 2 and 3. Completing the quest chain allows you to craft some of the best armor in the game.Chapter 2 - RochePrelude to War: KaedwenFollow the path and speak with the diplomats. Your choices do not matter. After speaking to the diplomats a woman will offer to duel you. After the duel the sky will turn dark and curse will be unleashed. Geralt will then arrive to defend Henselt from an undead army. Two large Draugir will spawn during this battle. If you kill one and then run away before the other dies you can loot its corpse for a Draugir armor fragment. This can be used to craft some of the best body armors in the game. Once the Draugir are dead Dethmold will cast a protective bubble. Follow him and defend him until you reach the encampment.

Make sure to use quick attacks against the wraiths. If Mavrick dies then the result is the same as accusing him of murder.From a Bygone Era[witcher.fandom.com]Prerequisite:Obtain Malgets notes duringLittle Sisters[witcher.fandom.com].

Note:Silver ore can be found in caves, looted from bandits, or purchased from Berthold (180 orens).

He will ask you to perform a ritual. Read the 2 notes in his house before leaving. Head to the nearby forest to the east with Endregas and wait until 20:00 before interacting with the altar. Make sure to loot the Arbitrator steel sword (28-33 damage) in the nearby puddle. Geralt will drink the mixture and have a hallucination before waking up. Pick up the notes on top of the hill before jumping down. Return to the Visionary and tell him about the hen and mushrooms. He will tell you that the Relic peddler has the spear that pierced Sabrinas heart. Return to the peddler and ask about the spear. He will tell you that he lost the spear while gambling and that Iorveth has it in Vergen.

Exorcist:+10% damage against spectres and wraiths

Roche PathDeath to the Traitor![witcher.fandom.com]Speak with Vernon Roche in Flotsam and listen to the attack plan for Bernard Loredos residence. You have 2 options:

1. In Cervisia VeritasKaedweni camp (drunk soldiers)Speak to one of the drunk soldiers shouting for Odrin. Then take the west exit and find Odrin passed out by a cave. The cave contains anArmor of Ban Ardnext to a golem. Carry Odrin back to the camp and speak to the guard at the gate.

10. In the Claws of MadnessLobinden (Cedric) or south of Flotsam (Rupert)Cedric asks you to find two missing explorers. Rupert can be found to the south of Flotsam by some ruins. After entering the ruins and looting some some documents in a chest you will be attacked by two wraiths. Travel further into the ruins and speak to Gridley who asks you to find him some medicine. This can be obtained in a room nearby. Give him the medicine and he will tell you to talk to the wandering ghost. The ghost will demand retribution. This leaves you with two options.

BuildI recommend a Swordsmanship build for your first playthrough. Level 35 is the maximum level.

5. The Gargoyle Contract[witcher.fandom.com]Loc Muinne Notice BoardOptionally speak to Bras of Ban Ard near the inn about the gargoyles. Then optionally purchase and read the Runes of Power books from him.

Assassin:25% bonus damage when attacking from behind

Rewards you with 500 XP, 200 orens, an Encrusted Nilfgaardian Lawgiver steel sword (50-55 damage)

Return to Kimbolt and admit that the document was a forgery. Kimbolt will then ask you to investigate Count Maravel which startsThe Messenger[witcher.fandom.com]. After leaving the room you will be asked to speak with Count Maravel. Accepting Maravels request startsPacta Sunt Servanda[witcher.fandom.com]You can optionally complete both of these quests.

You can then follow her and are promptly betrayed. She will then flee to the ruins to the south. Find her and decide what to do with her. (125 XP)

Earned by visiting the Summer Shrine found in the lower right corner of the map. (PC only)

The dragon will then break through and attack you. After defeating the dragon you will be given a choice to spare or kill it.

Speak to Roche and follow him down the stairs. A man will then approach you and inform you of a Kayran trap componentIron Frame[witcher.fandom.com]) which you can only obtain during this quest. Roche will then distract the closest guard. You will need to sneak by and knock out the other guards. Use your medallion to detect buckets, especially around corners. Touching a bucket will draw the guards attention and cause you to miss out on two achievements. Search for the Kayran trap part (ironframe) and listen to the conversation in the window before returning to Roche.

Respecing deletes your mutagens unless you reacquire the skills that had them. Impregnation bonuses are kept even after respecing. This means that you dont need Impregnation after respecing.

1. Kill the wraiths(50 XP). This ends the quest.

Note:This decision ultimately does not matter. Your allegiance can be chosen later.

Strong Stomach:10% reduced chance of being poisoned

He will ask for the money from the soldiers. You have 2 choices:

Enter the Blue Stripes headquarters near the gallows and speak with the soldiers. You will be asked to complete with Ves at knife throwing. You do not need the Dagger Throwing skill to complete this.

2.Humiliate Myron and Alphonse by beating them at arm wrestling.

Lilies and VipersSpeak to John Natalis after completing either quest above. You have 3 options:

Return to the camp and speak with Mavrick. You have 2 choices:

Best MutagensPower mutagens are the best choice for a sword based build. The easiest way to obtain mutagens is with the Side Effect 2 skill. Craft a few potions/bombs individually and reload the game until you get Greater mutagens.Madness[witcher.fandom.com]mutagens are the best choice for a magic build. The best way to obtain them is by killing Harpies in Chapter 2.

Say What does this artifact do anyway? Then you have 3 choices:

1. Hung OverPrerequisite:Must be completedbeforeThe Rose of Remembrance[witcher.fandom.com].

© Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Defeat 3 wraiths and a Draugir. Wait a couple seconds or your allies will catch fire. Kill the wraiths first. Be patient and wait until you have an opening to attack.

5. Bring it on: Kaedweni Camp[witcher.fandom.com]Prerequisite:completedBring it on: Flotsam[witcher.fandom.com]in Chapter 1.

You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

Hatred Symbolized[witcher.fandom.com]Exit Vergen and return to the area near the mist. Pass under the giant stone archway. There is a house nearby where you can completeA Sackful of Fluff[witcher.fandom.com]now if you already have 80 Harpy feathers. Otherwise take the first left and enter the Tunnel of the Founders. This area is dark so you will need to use Cat potions or Flares. You will eventually find a Bullvore in a large open area. Kill it and loot the corpse nearby for the Catacomb key. Enter the doorway and speak to Zoltan and Saskia. Saskia will give you the Commanders sword and tell you thatSkalen Burdon[witcher.fandom.com]has the spear. You can quickly exit the mines now, but I recommend picking up the Blood Sword silver sword (32-36 damage) in a chest near another Bullvore on the bottom right of the map.

The troll explains that he will not go back to work unless his mate is avenged. Optionally speak to Sle and Zoltan in Flotsam to learn who killed the troll. Next you need to beat Sendler in a game of dice and he will give you the troll trophy and tell you to talk to a man in the inn during the night. The man will tell you that Dmitri killed the troll and he can be found at the graveyard in Lobinden. After killing Dmitri you can speak to the troll and convince him to rebuild the bridge. If you won the she-troll head from Sendler you can give it to the troll for the Hunters armor diagram, however this will prevent you from obtaining Meliteles Heart unless you kill him. Next return to Chorab for a reward. You will have to persuade him to give the full amount.

6. I was lead out by a priest.

Note you can help the troll for a reward before killing him. Return to Louis Merse in Flotsam for your reward.

ShowAnezka[witcher.fandom.com]in Lobinden the talisman and she will offer to buy it. You can accept 50 orens or haggle it up to 200 orens. If you persuade her into telling you why she wants it she says she can restore its power and keep it for yourself.








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